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Pipkens Pickwick Lake Recap

Sometimes you hit the nail right on the head your first day of practice and other times you get behind! With catching one bass the first day of practice, and seeing too much of the lake, I was behind! […]

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Pipkens and Lake Fork get along real well!

Having been to Lake Fork three previous times, I start to notice many patterns with how the fish act and where they show up. This time was no different. […]

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Chad’s Chickamauga Lake Bassmaster Elite Series Recap

The only constant this season… Things are always changing. After a less than mediocre event at Santee Cooper I was hoping to get back on track at Chickamauga. As before, it almost played out like that. […]

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Pipkens Santee-Cooper Elite Series So Close

It’s crazy how in fishing you can be right there, but still so far away. This go-around at Santee Cooper I was in the right section of the lake. […]

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